3 Project is the Hungarian Truth! (Funnyly transcribed Hungarian proverb)

We start with the implementation of three projects:



  1. Increasing the efficiency of ASIC Miners (Tuning, conversion),
  2. Acquisition and development project of a Hungarian Natural Cosmetic Company,
  3. Designing a franchise system based on our finished project: Technical, Cryptographic, Legal and Marketing help and advice based on the sample and experience of our finished project!



We make it all available through the sale of Greens4U Coin!

In the first round, we use it as a means of payment and a deposit, the later it is used, the higher the value reported, so the increase in value is guaranteed!

As soon as the project enters the second phase and a new Joint Stock Company is created specifically to manage the project, we will convert the All Coins into Dividend Paying Shares after obtaining the necessary permits!
After that, like Staking or AirDrops, we distribute the Coin's holders (Only in the Special Wallet, among the owners who have undergone KYC !!! - This is the Legal Way!) In a regulated manner in White-Paper. benefit is proportionate, appropriate percentage!

Read more in White-Paper!