Here's how to buy Greens4U Coin!


Descriptions are constantly being made, we will make them available soon! If you use a wallet that is not in the description, please be patient!
Wallets used by many will be tested continuously in the future! (You can write in the contact menu if you think you missed an important Wallet that you think many people use!)


1 G4U = 1 €

G4U Token issue rate


  1. Compatible Wallets (Tested! Sending and receiving works well!):
  2. Incompatible Wallets: (If there is a change compared to the description, please write it in a message! You can even send a screenshot!):
    • (It's Not Really My Wallet!),
    • Eidoo,
    • MetaMask (As ETH based - ERC20),
    • Mycelium, (BTC Wallet Only!)
    • .
    • .
    • .
    • .......................
  3. Not yet tested:

We ask everyone that the Wallets that are not listed here have not yet been tested, or IF they are on the INCOMPATIBLE list, DO NOT SEND them TRON !!!

Don't send TRX below € 0.1, you will not receive a G4U Coin! (At present, this is about 0.54584 TRX!)





You can access Coin on the Block Chain here:


You can find the source code here: