in case...

Settlement with investors in case of unsuccessful capital raising.

(Annual 30% minimum.)


As successful and good as an idea is, we have to reckon with the fact that anything we don’t anticipate will result!
Many successful companies / firms have been affected by the appearance of the corona virus in 2020! Fortunately for us, this is not a problem and we have tried everything to prepare and plan for every possible eventuality!


Regardless, we also have an emergency plan!

In the event that the necessary capital does not come together to acquire the company (Natural Cosmetics) and to transform and operate it, then for those customers who require it, we will start repurchasing the Tokens!
We will repay at least 30% of the amount received for tokens (Euro-based settlement!) For each year!
According to the current state of the Market and the opportunities, considering TRX, USDT, or other currently available and current options!

If our Token is delisted in the meantime, we will keep the lower value at the current nominal value on the stock exchange as described in the White Paper! (Which, as described in the White Paper, we increase by at least 30% every year!)

At the same time, we will also allow those who continue to vote trust in the project to achieve these Tokens!