(Not complete, under development!)

  • Start 2020

    Project planning, development and search for suitable Programming specialist (s)

  • Preparations 2021.01.-02

    We started building the website and programming and testing the Tokens.

  • Testing 2021.02.-03

    We tested the operation of the Token (ERC20), the Fee problem was revealed, so we prepared for the transition to the Tron (TRX) network

  • Start of token issuance 2021.03.-04

    We will start issuing 3 million Tokens with a face value of € 1 on a smart contract basis
    2021-06-23 19:56:27 (UTC) has been started for smart contract.

  • Acquisition Sometime in 2021-2022

    We are preparing to take over the Natural Cosmetics Company and transform it into a Joint Stock Company

  • Token enhancement 2021.-05.-12

    Token development as described in the White Paper

  • More details 2021.05-2022.12

    Further plans for the next 2-3 years will be announced soon

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon...

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon...

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon...

  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon...

  • in case 2023.05.-12

    in case:

    In case of unsuccessful capital raising, settlement with investors. Annual 30% minimum.
    Read more here: Link